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Fast cars are always a fascination – no matter whether you operate the accelerator yourself or listen to the loud engines at the edge of the racetrack. The love of fast cars is often stoked in childhood when dad brings home a little Hot Wheels toy car from the petrol station. Unfortunately, this doesn’t usually happen as often when you’re an adult, because then you’re „not supposed to play with cars any more“. For those who still want to express their love for Hot Wheels or just love to reminisce about the old days, we’ve been working with Hot Wheels on a super cool joint collection. From t-shirts with a big print on the back, to bomber jackets and sweaters with flames on the sleeve, to sweatpants and caps with Alpha Industries and Hot Wheels branding, it’s all here. Drive safe!

Product details

  • Upper: single jersey
  • Fit: regularfit
  • Alpha Industries x Hot Wheels Logo print

Alpha Industries




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